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◆Access Information:


Peace Boat Center Ishinomaki : http://pbv.or.jp/ishinomaki-psen/form/



  • Directions:
    • Once on the Sanriku Highway, continue straight until you reach the Ishinomaki-kanan-toll-gate and turn right at the number 16 exit. Continue straight until you reach the Yamashita-kiyomizu-machi intersection and take a right turn. If you continue straight for about 2 kilometres you will see the Ishinomaki City Office building on your left. At the third intersection following the ‘Ishinomaki-eki-mae’ intersection, take a right turn (the Chamber of Commerce and Industry builiding should be on your right). The meeting place (Peace Boat Center Ishinomaki) is next to the Chamber of Commerce building (although you will not be able to stop out the front as it is a one-way street).
  • There are no parking facilities at the Peace Boat Center, however there are a number of parking sites near-by (please see map below).
  • Traffic is likely to be congested between 7am – 9am so please allow for enough time to reach the meeting place at the designated time.
  • As PBV cannot take responsibility for accidents or thefts occurring in the car-park, please take necessary caution.


Please see the following link for train times between Sendai and Ishinomaki (JR Eastern-Japan Sendai Line:http://www.jreast-timetable.jp/timetable/list0913.html)

You may be required to transfer trains so please check the train schedule to ensure that you will arrive in Ishinomaki on time (it takes about 10 minutes to walk from the station to the Peace Boat Center Ishinomaki).