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What to Prepare
Volunteers must prepare the items below as they will not be provided on site.

Please bring enough cash for your transportation back hone, in case of emergency. Please also keep your valuables with you at all times to avoid any incidents such as theft.

[Health insurance card / certificate] ※Original copy ONLY

[Volunteer insurance certificate] ※Copy OK

Drinking water and every day water is available. Please use water sparingly. Having 2 liters of water in case of emergency is recommended.

[Personal hygiene]
Toothpaste/tooth brush, towels etc.

[Bandana, cotton towels]
These can be used as a sweatband or protection against the dust while you work, and as tourniquet or a protective support in case of injuries such as cuts or bone fractures.

[Toilet / Tissue paper]
Although these paper is prepared at the accommodation, there may be none in some of the working areas.

[Sanitized wet wipes]
Sanitized wet wipes for your hands before and after eating.

You may become sick or injured while working. We suggest you take cold medicine, headache pills, medicine against stomach upsets.

[Battery-powered mobile-phone charger & spare batteries]
Although, you will be able to charge your mobile phones (Charging PCs, digital cameras and other use of electricity is not possible), having battery-powered mobile-phone charger is recommended, in case of emergency

[Safety Manual]
Given at an orientation to create a safe working environment.

A sleeping bag is recommended. You can also use it for an emergency.

[Rain-gear and windbreakers]
In case of rain.

[Others – items that may be useful]
・Earplugs / Eye-mask / Neck-pillow (for your comfortable sleep)

◆What to Wear
Please bring the following items. Please note that laundry is not available during your stay.

[Work Clothes]
You should wear a pair of work trousers and a long-sleeved clothes during volunteer work. Almost all activities are outside. Please bring clothes suitable for the changing season, temperature and weather.

[Daily Clothes & Underwear]
You will need to bring daily clothes and underwear for the number of days you will be staying. Please bring clothes suitable for the changing season, temperature and weather.

Please prepare for a pair of trainers or mountain shoes for volunteer activities. Long work boots are available for rent on-site.

A small backpack to take your belongings (water, valuables etc, ) will be useful.

On-Site Rental Items
Following items are available for rent on-site, depending on the types of work you will be doing.

[Work related]
・Waterproof jacket and trousers
・Long working boots
・Safety Inner soles
・Sealing tapes
・Dust masks
・Rubber gloves
・Leather gloves

[Drinking and Cooking related]
An electronic pot, a microwave, a fridge and a freezer to share.

[Medical kit]
We provide a basic set of First Aid kit such as disinfectant, Band-Aids and surgical dressing.

※All rental goods are limited in numbers and are to be shared.