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Activity Reports

Philippines Relief – Update from PBV team (Nov. 21 & 22)

November 22, 2013

November 21st 2013

Update from Shigehiro Goda (PBV, Administrative Director) in the Philippines.

Yesterday (November 20th), we assisted a partner NGO distribute emergency supplies in the City of Bogo, situated in a mountainous region in the north of Cebu.

From 4 a.m., we started off with sacks of rice weighing 50kg each and spent several hours loading other items such as oil, sugar, salt and canned foods onto trucks.

Several of the 350 households which we delivered these food items to were happy to see volunteers coming from Japan to help their communities.

Tomorrow (November 22nd), we are planning to distribute healthcare/hygiene kits to 250 survivors from Leyte Island who were forced to leave the area.


November 22nd 2013

Update from Shigehiro Goda (PBV, Administrative Director) in the Philippines

In Cebu, there are a number of facilities and services for survivors who have left the devastated Leyte and Samar Islands. Every day, hundreds of residents from these islands are making the journey to Cebu in order to provide themselves with basic necessities such as food, water, shelter and security.

In addition to those living in the worst affected areas, there are also many families who require assistance living in areas that were not directly hit by Typhoon Haiyan.

Yesterday (November 21st), we provided 250 meals for survivors in partnership with FJERA (Filipino Japanese Emergency Response Association). Apples seemed to be the favorite food items in the meal packs! We have reached the stage where it is not only important to prioritize the speed and quantity of relief goods, it is also paramount to consider the survivors’ psychological and emotional needs when providing these goods.

The volunteer wearing the grey PBV polo is San-chan (below), who is taking a break from university.

He has been a massive help and his passion and enthusiasm are greatly appreciated!


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