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Over 1000 Volunteers Trained Through PBV’s ‘Disaster Relief Volunteer Training’ Course

August 23, 2013

Training in Non-Disaster times – Preparing for Future Disasters

PBV believes strongly in training and developing disaster relief volunteers in non-disaster times to prepare for future disasters.

PBV aims to build a national network of disaster relief volunteers which, in the event of a major disaster, will not only be able to respond to disasters in their own areas, but will also have the capacity to assist other areas when called upon.

In the immediate aftermath of any major disaster, trained volunteers working in cohesive teams can be a truly invaluable resource.

PBV’s Disaster Relief Volunteer Training Programme (since October 2011) consists of 4 parts:

- the Disaster Relief Volunteer Training course (Seminar, 3.5 hours)

-the Disaster Relief Volunteer Certification (Online, 45 minutes)

- the Disaster Relief Volunteer Leader Training course (Seminar/Workshop, 2 days)

- “Skill-up” workshops in partnership with other specialist organizations


PBV has been conducting the seminar-style Disaster Relief Volunteer Training courses since September 2012, offering courses in 8 different areas across Japan (Hokkaido, Tokyo, Miyagi, Osaka, Aichi, Kanagawa, Fukuoka, and Kyoto). PBV’s trainers will be conducting the course for the first time in Kobe and Nara cities on August 24th/25th.

We have delivered 53 trainings to over 1000 people, including members of the general public, students, corporations and other specialized organizations such as local Social Welfare Councils across Japan.

The course covers the essentials in disaster prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery, providing volunteers with a firm grounding in theoretical and practical disaster relief knowledge which they can apply in real-life situations.

While ‘disaster prevention and mitigation’ focus on avoiding and limiting the adverse impacts of hazards and disasters, ‘disaster response and recovery’ focus more on saving lives, reducing health impacts and restoring the lives and livelihoods of disaster-affected peoples.

The volunteers trained through these courses have gone on to respond to disasters both in Japan and abroad. Most recently, trained volunteers have deployed with PBV relief teams to Yamaguchi and Shizuoka Prefectures, where they have been able to apply their knowledge and skills in the field along with local volunteer groups.

Going forward, PBV will continue to focus on the training and development of disaster relief volunteers across Japan. PBV will also be holding English-language trainings in the near future – please contact relief@peaceboat.gr.jp for information regarding these trainings.


*PBV is able to implement this programme through the generous funding of Church World Service Japan, as well as through the support of Mont-bell Japan and the Japan Society of Home Economics.