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nigeria07 Nigerians in Japan support survivors in Onagawa

August 10, 2011

The Nigerian community in Japan have been actively involved in relief efforts, supporting Peace Boat's project for people moving into temporary housing in Onagawa, Miyagi Prefecture.

01 Tsunamika – a gift from South India

August 9, 2011

Survivors of the 2004 Sumatra tsunami gave many tsunamika dolls to survivors of the tsunami which hit Japan this year, as a gift of support and a living symbol of overcoming such difficulty.

61-s Ishinomaki Kawabiraki Festival Report Vol. 3

August 5, 2011

On the 2nd day of the Kawabiraki Festival, many high-spirited voices flew about the Ishinomaki shopping arcade, an area previously full of rubble now significantly recovered.

38-s Ishinomaki Kawabiraki Festival Report Vol. 2

August 4, 2011

Local and traditional products of stores that had re-opened since the disaster were sold at the “Ishinomaki Recovery Market,” with proceeds of sales further contributing to recovery efforts.

25-s Ishinomaki Kawabiraki Festival Report Vol. 1

The Ishinomaki Kawabiraki (“River Opening”) Festival was held in Ishinomaki on July 31 - August 1, with volunteers working with the local community to create an event of memorial and fun.

06 UK Foreign Office Minister Jeremy Browne visits Ishinomaki

July 27, 2011

UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office Minister of State Jeremy Browne and British Ambassador David Warren visited Peace Boat's Central Kitchen.

IMG_1504改-s Ishinomaki Scenery

July 26, 2011

Photographs showing the scenery around Ishinomaki at sunset, reminding everyone of the beauty of Tohoku and the strength of its people now working to revive their region.

12-s Reviving the oyster farms – for harvesting 2 years from now

July 25, 2011

Peace Boat volunteers are assisting to salvage fishing items such as ropes and buoys, and to support the revival of the local oyster farming industry.

4-s The pool cleaning is complete!

July 12, 2011

Volunteers, including many only staying in Ishinomaki for just a weekend, have completely cleaned a community swimming pool of mud in just 2 days, providing an important place for local kids to play.

09 The start of summer – pool cleaning

July 11, 2011

Volunteers are clearing mud from the local swimming pool together with children and their parents who frequented the pool before the disaster and are looking forward to its reopening this summer.

05 Supporting the recovery of the fishing industry – Oshika Peninsula

July 10, 2011

Upon request of local fishermen, Peace Boat is now supporting the rebuilding of livelihoods through gathering fishing equipment that was dispersed and damaged by the tsunami.

IMG_0499 Photo gallery – cleanup at a fishing port on the Oshika Peninsula

July 9, 2011

Photographs by Ueno Yoshinori of the situation and clean up activities at the fishing port of Koami Kurahama on the Oshika Peninsula, Miyagi Prefecture (1 hour from Ishinomaki).

1-s Let the water pass through – clearing drains

July 7, 2011

Infrastructural reconstruction is progressing, yet as roadside drains are still filled with sludge water cannot yet be used. Volunteers are now working to clear these drains and restore running water.

onagawa7 Relief goods for temporary housing in Onagawa

June 25, 2011

Peace Boat is delivering relief goods for 94 temporary houses in Onagawa, 30km from Ishinomaki. Relief activities are diversifying to respond to the evolving community needs in the affected areas.

bath01 The 1000 Person Bath Project

June 16, 2011

NGO JIM-NET's “1000 Person Bath Project” is providing baths for evacuees and survivors. "People were so happy when we opened. For the majority, it was their first bath since the earthquake."

vol709 Volunteer interview – Bandai Yoshinobu (Part 2)

June 13, 2011

Bandai Yoshinobu shares with volunteers his own experience of the disaster, hoping for volunteers to see as much of the damage as possible to truly understand the terrible power of the tsunami.

Bandai Yoshinobu Volunteer interview – Bandai Yoshinobu (Part 1)

Bandai Yoshinobu is one of many members of the local community working together with Peace Boat. As a bus driver, he has been contributing immensely to recovery efforts by transporting volunteers.

kitchen08 Peace Boat opens the “Central Kitchen”

June 8, 2011

Peace Boat has opened a Central Kitchen in Ishinomaki in order to increase the number of meals that can be provided, improving efficiency, sustainability, safety and hygiene.

Moriya Fruit Shop Moriya Fruit Shop Update

June 4, 2011

The Moriya Fruit and Vegetable Store was the first shops in Ishinomaki's central street to reopen, on April 13 - just 1 month after the disaster. Such openings provide an important hope for recovery.

0529-5・IMG_2969-s “This persimmon tree protects our family”

June 1, 2011

"I really wanted to protect even just this one tree." Nine cars were piled up in this large persimmon tree during the tsunami, and this tree protected a local family's house from being swept away.

Volunteer, Ms Shibata Ayako Volunteer interview – Shibata Ayako

May 31, 2011

Volunteer Shibata Ayako herself lost much of her family in the tsunami. "As a volunteer you are 'apart' from the survivors...I feel it is important to bridge this gap."

10-s On the Ground: The city two months after the earthquake

These photos represent the city at its current state, 2 wo months since the tsunami. Shops have slowly begun to open their doors for business, yet full recovery is still a long way away.

1110524-4.IMG_6427-s Interview with Relief Project Coordinator – “Every little bit helps”

May 30, 2011

"Every bit helps. All you need is empathy, to put yourself in the shoes of the survivors," says Peace Boat staff Ueshima Yasuhiro. “Alone, people become despondent....but together, they gain courage."

P1010375-s International Cooperation – volunteer team from Sri Lanka

In 2004, Sri Lanka experienced a tsunami, and now 15 Sri Lankans are volunteering in Ishinomaki. “We experienced the same tragedy, so we understand the needs of the survivors.”

Mr Ito Yoshiaki joined as volunteer in Ishinomaki from April 23 - May 7 Volunteer interview – Ito Yoshiaki

May 27, 2011

Mr Ito started volunteering on April 23.

Volunteer Coordinator Ueshima Yasuhiro Interview with Relief Project Coordinator – “as long as the needs exist, it is important to ensure enough volunteers”

May 25, 2011

"It is important to make sure that efforts are sustainable – to guarantee meals not only today, but also tomorrow."

Minagawa Sachi Volunteer interview – Minagawa Sachi

May 24, 2011

"Although the lives of the town and people will never go back to as it was, the community is working together to create new life. I really hope that I can continue to contribute in some way to this."

Providing hot meals Interview with Relief Project Coordinator – “Two Months Later”

Peace Boat staff Ueshima Yasuhiro has been coordinating the 2000 volunteers that Peace Boat has dispatched to Ishinomaki over the past two months.

Owner Sakuma Ikuko Interview with tsunami survivor, Ms Sakuma Ikuko

May 19, 2011

"I didn't think I could make it through, but then I saw Peace Boat volunteers, with their boundless energy, partaking in sludge and debris removal. They gave me courage and the drive not to give up."

IV06 International Volunteers

May 18, 2011

Over 180 'International Volunteers,' have joined Peace Boat's relief activities. The international community's presence is needed so that the devastation is not forgotten, and rebuilding can continue.

Peace Boat Volunteer Torii Kenta Volunteer interview – Torii Kenta

May 17, 2011

Torii Kenta went to Ishinomaki on April 8, and over 3 weeks found that volunteer work in the station area markedly improved the situation over that time.

Mr Kitamura One day as a volunteer – relief goods storage

May 12, 2011

Peace Boat stores all donated relief goods such as food, sanitary goods, household items and cleaning equipment at the indoor sports hall of the Ishinomaki Senshu University.

炊き出し 10-s One day as a volunteer – deliveries

May 11, 2011

The delivery team is responsible for the safe distribution of thousands of hot meals prepared daily by the kitchen team to eight areas throughout the region.

mie6-s One day as a volunteer – mud removal

May 5, 2011

Peace Boat launched the “Smile Project” with the Social Welfare Council, ap bank and Megumi Japan to clear mud and debris from over 200 individually-owned residences and businesses.

01 Reopening of classes at Minato Primary School

May 2, 2011

The winter is slowly turning into spring, and many schools in Ishinomaki which Peace Boat has been supporting are opening for classes. In late April entrance ceremonies were held for the new students.

volunteer 660 volunteers during Golden Week break – creating a new base for volunteers

May 1, 2011

It is now Golden Week, with many public holidays in Japan. Many people use this vacation time to volunteer in affected areas, and Peace Boat is coordinating 660 volunteers this week.

International volunteer group photo by team leader Campesino Across borders and nationalities! Report from an International Volunteer Team

April 27, 2011

A coordinator of international volunteers in Ishinomaki in March and April highlights the importance of volunteering and support beyond national borders.

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