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Turkey Earthquake Emergency Relief Donations

November 8, 2011

Many people lost their lives in the large earthquake that struck Eastern Turkey on October 23. The full extent of the disaster is not yet clear, however the number of deaths and injuries is predicted to increase greatly.

Peace Boat has started collecting donations for the purpose of providing emergency relief to people suffering in the disaster-affected areas.

Peace Boat representative Yamamoto Takashi, who already has experience with providing support after a large earthquake hit Turkey in 1999, has been in contact with local groups in Turkey already. More information will be provided as it becomes available.

Credit card donations to support emergency relief in Turkey following the earthquake can be made via this link. Please be advised that this site is only available in Japanese.

Peace Boat has also started street-collection of donations in support of people affected in Turkey.

These photos are of volunteers conducting street-collection of donations. 8,970 yen was raised in just 1.5 hours by the volunteers in front of Ikebukuro station. One woman from Miyagi Prefecture who gave a donation said, “We have received so much support ourselves that I want to help in any little way that I can.”

This kind of street-collection is the essence of volunteer work. Even if you cannot go to disaster-affected areas to help, you can still help people who are suffering by collecting donations like this. The more people that help, the more support we can give. If you would like to help in any way – whether it is with collecting donations for Turkey or with any other Peace Boat relief activities – please see here for more information.