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Lecture and Report Session in Aichi: December 1 (Thurs)

November 24, 2011

On December 1, events will be held at Chukyo University in Aichi prefecture (Toyota in the afternoon, Nagoya in the evening) which will also be the venue for a mid-term report on the volunteer activities in Ishinomaki.

We hope this will be an opportunity to learn from the lessons of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, and to consider the potential of cooperation between NGOs and universities.
We would also like to invite all Aichi residents that volunteered in Ishinomaki to join us for this event.
■ Afternoon Section: Contemporary Sociology Academic Lecture
* Anyone may participate, however this program is targeted for students
【 Theme 】 The Current Situation of Disaster Volunteering in the Tohoku Region
【 Date 】 13:30〜15:00   December 1st(Thur), 2011
【 Venue 】 Chukyo University, Toyota Campus Bldg No. 9, 2nd Fl. Main Conference Room
【 Participation 】 Free、Maximum 100 persons(No reservation required)
【 Sponsor 】 Department of Contemporary Sociology/ Post-graduate Sociology Course, Chukyo University
【 Facilitator 】Sung Woncheol (Chukyo University Professor)
【 Speakers 】 Nakahara Ippo (Freelance Writer), Kobayashi Shingo (Peace Boat)
■ Evening Section: Volunteer System made by Universities, NGOs, and Citizens
* Open to the public
【 Theme 】 Building Local Disaster Systems and Cooperation with NGOs
【 Date 】 18:00 – 20:00   December 1 (Thur), 2011
【 Venue 】 Chukyo University, Nagoya Campus Center Bldg. 7th Fl. Room 0703
【 Participation 】 Free、Maximum 150 persons (No reservation required)
【 Sponsor 】 School of International Liberal Studies, Chukyo University
【 Facilitator 】 Kim Kyungmook (Chukyo University Associate Professor)
【 Speakers 】 Kobayashi Shingo (Peace Boat), Kondo (Aoyama Gakuin University Volunteer Station Associate Representative) and others

“It is not too early for volunteers. With a proper system more volunteers can come to the aid of more people.”
Peace Boat has continued to say this after the earthquake.

Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture. The most severely affected area gathered the help of over 200,000 people from local organizations, universities, NGOs and NPOs working in collaboration in what is now known as the Ishinomaki Model. Volunteers have the capability of becoming an important pillar to civil disaster aid, alongside the SDF, local administration and social welfare councils.

For this model to become reality, the characteristics of volunteers must be understood, systems to receive volunteers must be established, and people must be trained to manage the systems established. On December 1, with the cooperation of the professors at Chukyo University who are also helping the Disaster Volunteer Leader Training, we will think about the challenges that face us, and how to head towards the future .

(This event will be held only in Japanese language).