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Letter from Ishinomaki

October 14, 2011

Peace Boat received the following message of appreciation from Oginohama Junior High School in Ishinomaki city which suffered damage from Typhoon No. 15.

Yesterday and today volunteers from Peace Boat came and helped to clean up our school and the pathways surrounding the school following damage caused by the typhoon. At lunchtime today the students expressed their thanks to Peace Boat. We are very thankful to the volunteers from Peace Boat who helped us to thoroughly clean up the school.

This message appeared on the school’s homepage on September 29. Up until Summer vacation, this school was an evacuation center. In August Peace Boat helped to remove nails from the school grounds.

Lessons and after school activities are not quite running as normal yet due to damage suffered from the earthquake, tsunami and typhoon. The joyful shouts of the school children, however, are an important source of encouragement for volunteers. Volunteers will continue to work hard to create a safe environment where children can learn and play.