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Messages from around the world for the Ishinomaki Technical High School Baseball Team

April 6, 2012

Messages of support for the Ishinomaki Technical High School competing in the national high school baseball championships!
Thank you so much for such warm support from around the world. Please see below for messages from the Ambassadors of Panama and Cuba to Japan, as well as former MLB player Bobby Valentine.

More messages and information is available in Japanese here


His Excellency Mr Jorge Kosmas Sifaki, Ambassador of Panama to Japan

To the members of the Ishinomaki Technical High School Baseball Team,

Congratulations for your selection to the Koshien High School Baseball Championships!

In May of last year, I had the opportunity with my Embassy to visit and assist in relief efforts in Ishinomaki City, devastated by the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. Witnessing the severe situation there was heartwrenching for me. Your strong efforts to not give up and overcoming this adversity, and achieve selection to the Koshien Championship, and your deep team and friendship bonds, are giving energy and hope to the people affected by the disaster and to all people of Japan, and is providing real energy for recovery.

Baseball is a popular sport in Panama, and many children are practising every day with hopes and dreams to one day become baseball players. Although Panama is somewhat far from Japan, our two countries are connected by the sport of baseball.

The Ishinomaki Technical High School and your team provide a model for us all for “kizuna,” human connections and bonds. Panama is cheering all of you on from the bottom of our hearts, hoping for success in your efforts at Koshien!


His Excellency Mr Jose Fernandez de Cossio, Ambassador of Cuba to Japan:

“The people of Cuba identify fully with the objectives of peace, human rights, sustainable and just development, and respect for the environment that Peace Boat has been promoting for more than 27 years. The frequent visits of thousands of Japanese people to Cuba have helped to nourish this sense of common purpose.

Baseball helps to bring the people of both countries closer.
Therefore, we very much encourage the annual Koshien Stadium Championship high school games, and send our best regards to Ishinomaki Industrial High school.”


Bobby Valentine, Manager of the Boston Red Sox and former MLB player:

“Your participation in the tournament is an inspiration for everyone, both in the US and in Japan.
Please persevere and know that I am with you as are all of my friends in MLB.

Ganbatte and good luck!”