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“Ban-chan night for Students” – event in Tokyo, July 20

July 14, 2011

Now more than four months since the earthquake, more than 4000 volunteers have participated in the relief activities in Ishinomaki through Peace Boat.

The volunteers all have varied backgrounds – from Japan or abroad, corporate volunteers or youth, business people and students. With summer vacation coming up soon, the role of student volunteers is extremely important. Yet despite this, the number of student volunteers is unfortunately still quite low.

A group of university students who have volunteered in Ishinomaki are organising an event on July 20 for fellow students to gather and discuss how they can contribute to the recovery efforts, in cooperation with Peace Boat. As a special guest, Mr Bandai Yoshinobu will come from Ishinomaki to share with students his own experiences. (For more information about Mr Bandai, known fondly by volunteers as “Ban-chan,” read the earlier blog post here.)

This event will be held in Japanese – please see the Japanese language homepage for more information here.

Date: July 20 (Wed), 6pm
Venue: JICA Global Plaza (Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, 1 min from Hiroo Station)
Participation: free
Up to 200 seats available; event is for current university students or university related people.
Contents: Part 1: Ban-chan’s story, Part 2: Workshop and Orientation for Students

Organised by: NGA x Cot End Fishing Support Project x Connecting Students & Disaster Affected Areas
Supported by: Peace Boat Disaster Relief Volunteer Centre